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NEWTC Prototyping Board
(DIY version)
  • Model name : DM-USTYLE-DIY V1.0
  • Manufacturer : NEWTC Corp.
  • Price : USD (TAX not included)
  • Point :
  • Quantity :

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    NEWTC Prototyping Board  (DIY version)

    General description :
    An Arduino At Heart prototyping board you can assemble and solder yourself. The CPU ( ATMEGA328P-PU ) is already burned  with Arduino Uno bootloader .

    User can select two style.

    One is making it by yourself  with soldering by your hand ( DIY version ), and
    the other is buying already soldered & tested product ( asslembled version ).

    Eventhough you buy DIY version, CPU (ATMEGA328P-PU) is already burned with Arduino UNO bootloader.
    So, if you finish soldering, then you can test just with sketch program using DM-USB2SERIAL only. 


    This module uses ATMEGA328P-PU MCU as the AVR microprocessor. System design do not require any complex circuit design steps because ATMEGA328 includes internal ROM, RAM and includes internal AD Converter as well.

    Parts description :
    This module includes Main board PCB, ATMEGA328P-PU, Crystal(16MHz), Resistors, capacitors, connectors, and etc. This module can use sketch application of  , and be powered with 5V of USB2SERIAL module using USB voltage.

    Programming :
    User can use both USB to Serial uploader and AVR ISP programmer(named as USBISP Cable (AD-USBISP)),

    At first, the bootloader is already programmed in ATMEGA328P-PU, so user can use directly usb to serial uploader, but also if user need to program bootloader, user should use AVR ISP programmer.

    Powered by :
       1. This module can use normal adaptor or SMPS, in that case (6.5V ~ 28V), but
            recommends 12V 1A adapter (example: SE-PW12V), 
       2. USB to Serial module (DM-USB2SERIAL) can give 5V to Usytle module by USB power.

    Power to outside :(Molex 5045-2 compatible connector)
     1. 3.3V two pin connector output  x 1 pcs
     2. 5V two pin connector output  x 1 pcs
     3. From adaptor input to Direct output  x 2 pcs
        (so, if adaptor is 12V, then this connector outputs 12V, also)
     4. 2 pin to 2 pin cable that can be bought in very affordable price
    ISP connector :
     1. Supports standard ATMEL 2x3 header for ISP (In System Programming)
     2. Supports NEWTC 1x6 connector for ISP : Molex 5045-6 compatible
     3.The availability of ISP (In System Programming) port enables the user to burn the bootloader or 
         to develop product without the need of expensive devices.
     4. AD-USBISP(2014.April. V03.6, V6.0) can be connected to both connector.
         a. AD-USBISP-L, -S : can be connected to 1 x 6 pin connector, 
                                             if AD-CSV is attached, then 2x3 pin connector also supported.
         b. AD-USBISP : can be connected to both 2 x 3 pin connector and 1 x 6 pin connector
    Uploader interface  (USB to Serial module connection) :
     1. 5 pin (DTR, RXD, TXD, VCC, NoConnection, GND) interface
     2. DM-USB2SERIAL can be connected for uploading software using  sketch app.

    Bluetooth interface :
     1. HC-06 module dip type module can be directly connected to this 4 pin connector.

    Reset switch
     1. Auto reset circuit
     2. Manual reset switch

    Power switch :
     1. Three pin, Power slide switch

     1. Gold color test pointer

    compatible connector (  )
     1. Digital I/O
     2. Analog Input
     3. Power

    This product is aimed to help user to easily study and use DM-USTYLE board, and
    also  can use as normal AVR MCU development environment and learn.

    So lots of exercise source code, schematic, lectures etc will be supported to you only if you buy it.