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USB to Serial uploader
  • Model name : DM-USB2SERIAL V1.0
  • Manufacturer : NEWTC Corp.
  • Price : USD (TAX not included)
  • Quantity :

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    Introduction about USB to serial uploader for  app.(USB to Serial uploader)

    General description :
    An Arduino At Heart USB to Serial uploader for  compatible boards.
    The module uploads compiled program to DM-USTYLE

    Parts description :
    This module includes USB to Serial connector, Bluetooth interface connector (HC-06).
    This module can use sketch application of  , and be powered with 5V of USB2SERIAL module using USB voltage.

    Programming :
    User can upload program using this USB to Serial uploader together with sketch program,
    But, if user need to program bootloader, user should use AVR ISP programmer(NEWTC's USBISP, STK500 compatible).

    Power output
    1. USB 5V power output to target board

    Uploader interface (Target module connection) :
     1. 5 pin (DTR, RXD, TXD, VCC, NoConnection, GND) interface
     2. DM-USB2SERIAL can be connected to target module for uploading software using sketch app.

    Bluetooth interface
     1. HC-06 module dip type module can be directly connected to this 4 pin connector.

     1. GND test hole

    This product is aimed to help user to easily study and use DM-USTYLE style board, and so user can upload program easily to module using sketch program.
    So lots of exercise source code, schematic, lectures etc will be supported to you only if you buy it.

    Composition of DM-USB2SERIAL V1.0 program uploader module