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NEWTC Prototyping Board
(Assembled version)
  • Model name : DM-USTYLE V1.0
  • Manufacturer : NEWTC Corp.
  • Type :
  • Price : USD (TAX not included)
  • Quantity :

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    Introduction to DIP type assembled module for DM-USTYLE

    ◆ Arduino At Heart. 20170110210925_emkksysq.jpg

       Using UNO bootloader of embedded ATMEGA328P-PU

    ◆ Embedded flash, ROM, RAM, internal A.D converter at ATmega328P-PU

    ◆ Using 16MHz crystal for retaining stability.

    ◆ Using 12V external power, and internal 5V,3.3V power

    ◆ Assisting your development by 1x6 and 2x3 ISP connector.

    ◆ Available software upload via sketch application using 1x6 USB to Serial uploader.

    ◆ Gains 5V external power by using DM-USB2SERIAL sketch uploader.

    ◆ Available power supplying to extension board by 3.3V, 5V, 12V output.

    ◆ Available Bluetooth® (HC-06) compatible connector.

    -TTL(5V) Level : 4-pin connector

    ◆ Observing voltage transition by potentiometer.

    ◆ Supports connection with additional extension boards via extension


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